Welcome to Freddy’s Hotel B&B, or, at least, welcome to the website advertising Freddy’s Hotel B&B. You can virtually sleep here but we recommend you book a bed and stay at the actual hotel to enjoy a peek at what Tirana has to offer.

Off the busy streets, Freddy’s modern accommodation offers you a comfortable bed within a friendly atmosphere of relaxed and like minded tourists. Each of our private rooms include local satellite TV, air conditioning and en suite bathrooms, as well as excellent WiFi internet throughout the property.

Also included is a European style breakfast to help you start the day. This includes good coffee & tea, fresh fruit, pastries and juice.

Your host, Freddy, is a person you will tell your friends about for his kindness and knowledge of Albania’s capital. Formerly trading as Freddy's Hostel, vast and recent renovations have seen Freddy upgrade to Hotel status and you won't be disappointed.

Tirana is a rich myriad of generous and friendly people striving to keep up with the world. It is a great place to visit to experience life where everything is not go go go. Make the effort to interact and you will be rewarded with a wonderful cultural experience from a society of lovely people.


About Freddy

Freddy has followed in his father's footsteps to run the hotel and does so with his beautiful family. A Tirana local, Freddy knows all things Tirana and delights in sharing this knowledge with his welcomed guests. To speak to Freddy, call +355682035261 (Mobil), or +35542266077 (Tel)

Exchange Rate

At present the Leke is sitting around 140 to the Euro. Be advised though, if you do choose to pay with euro, you will sometimes be given an exchange rate of 100, especially from taxi drivers whose maths generally only work in their favour.

Take a Look

Click on the video below to watch a brief pictorial tour of our rooms and facilities which will highlight the features of Freddy's Hotel B&B. Enjoy...